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Quality Assurance

The Value of PCAB Accredited

Rx3 Pharmacy is a PCAB Accredited Compounding Pharmacy, but what exactly does that mean? Watch our short video below, and learn how this accreditation benefits you. More information can also be found through the official PCAB website at

Questions to ask your Compounding Pharmacy Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy Other Pharmacy
Are they in compliance with the USP 797-guidlines for sterile compounding? ?
Do they have an environmental monitoring program in place to ensure sterility? ?
Does your pharmacy conduct weekly lab tests of surface and air samples in your clean room? ?
Does their compounding lab control their air quality with a HEPA filtration system to reduce particulates? ?
Do they have independent, routine certifications of their clean rooms and laminar airflow hoods? ?
Do they monitor and document clean room temperature and humidity daily? ?
Is their staff properly trained in proper gowning and Aseptic techniques, clean room policies and USP guidlines? ?
Do they filter in a class 100 laminar airflow hood contained in a class 1000 clean room, or autoclave when appropriate to achieve sterility? ?
Do they perform independent lab testing for sterility according to USP <71> Sterility tests and USP <85> bacterial Endotoxin (Pyrogen) test? ?
Do they only purchase USP grade chemicals from FDA approved chemical suppliers? ?
Do they obtain certificates of analysis for all formula ingredients? ?
Do they verify the potency of compounds through volume, weight and yield checks? ?
Do they perform pH testing on Opthalmic preparations, injections and other compounds? ?
Is every step in the compounding process checked or performed by a licensed and trained compounding pharmacist? ?
Can all prescriptions be traced back to the original formula log sheets and ingredients? ?
Does the pharmacy have liability insurance? ?
Is the pharmacy a member of PCCA? ?
Is the pharmacy a member of the American College of Apothecaries? ?
Is the pharmacy a member of International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists? ?
RX3 20 Year Anniversary
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PCAB Accredited
Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy is PCAB Accredited

PCAB has re-certified Rx3 Pharmacy through 2018 for the services of sterile and non-sterile compounding.

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Awards & Honors

Rx3 Owner, Chris Currin, was recently recognized for exceptional Pharmacy Bedside Manner by OurHealth Richmond.

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