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Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Custom Vitamins & Minerals

Supplementing Your Diet with Vitamins & Minerals

There are many health benefits that nutritional supplements can provide when taken properly. Taking the appropriate vitamins and minerals can help compensate for the lack of certain nutrients from an unbalanced diet or a condition in which nutrients are not absorbed properly. With a healthcare provider’s advice it can be a very health choice to utilize vitamins and minerals.

Using Supplements Properly

Like most things, supplements work best in moderation. The same caution should be used when ingesting supplements as when you are taking medication. The pharmacists at Rx3 provide some general advice in regards to supplement use including:

  • Taking only necessary supplements
  • Making your practitioner aware of the supplements you take
  • Being aware of reactions between supplements and prescription meds
  • Being aware of possible reactions between supplements
  • Taking the proper amount of each supplement

Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy: Consultation and Personal Service

Much of this knowledge can come from a thorough assessment of your nutritional needs. Your Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy compounding pharmacist and pharmacy technicians can help you analyze your nutritional needs based on many factors. They can help you study your diet and make recommendations on ways to improve your eating habits.

Using only fresh, high-quality ingredients, Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy custom compounds the optimal selection of vitamins and minerals in just the right dosage and format for your needs.

Let Rx3 Pharmacy be a part of your healthcare team. Give one of our trained pharmacists a call today to learn more about custom compounded vitamins & minerals.

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PCAB Accredited
Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy is PCAB Accredited

PCAB has re-certified Rx3 Pharmacy through 2018 for the services of sterile and non-sterile compounding.

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Rx3 Owner, Chris Currin, was recently recognized for exceptional Pharmacy Bedside Manner by OurHealth Richmond.

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